about us


Hi, I am Hallie (30) and Chase (29) is my husband. We met and fell in love 11 years ago when we were just two little young college students and here we are now, building our life together.

I am the main author of the blog and started this blog almost 6 years ago with the goal of sharing the ins and outs of life. The blog has transformed through our life stages over the years as we got engaged, got married, graduated college and moved to a new city. Now it has taken a whole new turn as we venture into our thirties with jobs and kids and everything in between.

We currently live in Dallas, Texas after relocating from Oklahoma City. Chase is a Chiropractor and I work from home for a web technology company. Our first born, Paisley (dog) is our canine companion, we have a threenager (3 year old) Molly and we are expecting baby #2 (its a surprise) in March.

Life has become quite the adventure but we wouldn't have it any other way.