Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ellie: 11 Months

We are in the final stretch...one more month (more like 2.5 weeks now) and my little baby will be ONE. Its hard to believe it has been near a year since we welcomed this little girl into our family. We are so glad you joined us Ellie Belly...our family wouldn't be the same without you!

2016-02-12 23.57.27

21(ish) pounds
Size 4 diapers
12-18 mo and 18mo pants
Teeth: 4! They are so cute.

Balls...loves to play catch
Pointing at things
The play kitchen
Blueberries! (just like her sister)

Running out of food
Being forced to be still (diaper changes, putting clothes on)
Not being able to reach something
Being in the carseat

Pointing at things
Waving hi and bye
First New Years
3rd and 4th tooth!
Says "Dada" and knows who that is

Decent but still waking up once at night. We are putting an end to that very very soon.

The past couple weeks Ellie got hit with a cold and then a stomach bug. Not fun. But she is healthy again now and back to her happy self! She loves to just be on the move and explore. She likes going to new places but HATES being in the carseat...just whines and cries the entire time. She really loves being outside and I can't wait for the Spring and Summer, its going to be so fun! Ellie smiles constantly and also makes this little scrunchy face that is so adorable, especially now with all of her teeth poking through. We just love this girl to pieces!

2016-02-12 23.57.40

2016-02-12 23.59.10





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