Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ellie: 10 Months


10 Months! Getting so close to the big ONE. Ellie is so fun and such a goofy sweet spirited baby. I am so excited to continue to see her little personality develop. I can tell she is going to be so different from her sister, her own person. This past month has been great and before we know it we will have a 1 year old!

Probably around 21 lbs or so
Wearing size 4 diapers
12 mo clothes and a few 12-18 items
Teeth: 2 and quickly on her way to more

Pulling up and cruising around furniture
Pulling tissues out of the box
Making a b-line for the dog water and food bowls...she loves them!
Bath time w/big Sister - they are so cute in the bath together

Diaper changes
Getting her clothes on for the day
Putting her pajamas on at night (you would think someone was beating her, the screams and cries - oh my!)

Cruising - she pulls up on everything and then just cruises around going after different objects
First Christmas
Second tooth!
Sort of saying "Mama" but sometimes its "Mamamama"

Hit or miss. Sometimes we get a 2hr nap, sometimes its 30 minutes. She is going to bed easy again at night but is still waking up 1x a night between 3-6. Currently we are letting her cry it out for a few min and if she doesn't go back to sleep I feed her a small bottle and she will sleep til around 8:15 or so. We are going to have to man-up and do a little more training so she will start sleeping through the night consistently.

Ellie LOVES being around her sister and often times trying to play with whatever Molly is playing with. The dynamic between the two is getting interesting but I can tell that when E gets a little bit older they are going to be the best of friends. Ellie has also gotten a tad better about her Mommy separation syndrome. She will actually let me turn the opposite direction from her without having a total breakdown. Yay!







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