Friday, November 13, 2015

Wonder Woman and a 4 Year Old

And just like that I have a 4 year old. Seriously. Not possible. Man that went by fast. Looking through her baby photos and I feel like that was yesterday. #timeslowdown


To properly honor our 4 year old Molly we went all out on an awesome and fun Wonder Woman birthday party. She also decided she wanted to be Wonder Woman for Halloween so we got lots of use out of our costume.

Once again with the help of my bestie Laura and her amazing crafting skills we found some things on Pinterest that we liked and then put our own spin on it and put together some really incredible DIY decorations that really set the party apart.

We also had the neatest sign (card) out in our front yard to surprise Molly when she woke up. These are seriously the coolest. The picture does not due it justice...such a fun and oversized way of celebrating. Thanks Card My Yard!

2015-11-07 08.05.51

2015-11-07 13.27.28

2015-11-07 13.12.54

2015-11-07 14.16.512015-11-07 14.16.55

Yep! That is Molly's face on her cupcakes. She had a very specific request for her face to be included.

True to tradition we had a bounce house for all the kids to get their energy out and have a good time. The grown ups were enjoying themselves too. And lots of superheroes came!



2015-11-07 15.21.27

2015-11-07 15.15.47

Everyone had a really good time and Molly had a blast with her friends and family. Another birthday party in the books!

Happy Birthday sweet girl! We love you like crazy and even though you challenge us sometimes we could not imagine living a life without you in it! It has been so fun to watch you grow and we look forward to the year ahead! xoxoxo

2015-11-07 15.49.19