Thursday, September 10, 2015

Ellie: 6 Months

Half a year. It is hard to believe. Somehow we made it. ; ) Ellie is developing more and more of a personality and its fun to watch her be so attentive to things. She really likes to take in what is happening around her and focuses on things so intently. She definitely likes to observe. I can tell she will be the more cautious and reserved of my girls. That doesn't take much with Molly though. 

These last 6 months have been challenging but also a lot of fun. I can't wait to see where the next 6 months goes!

2015-09-04 22.24.55

17lbs 4oz (75th %)
27" long (90th %)
Wearing size 3 diapers
Wearing 6mo and 6-9 mo clothes

Watching Molly dance - she thinks its hilarious
Look at herself in the mirror
Squeal and scream like a dinosaur
Putting everything in her mouth

Peach baby food
Being in her carseat for too long
When you take something that she isn't allowed to put her mouth

Starting to sit up a little bit on her own
Eating 2 meals a day (breakfast and dinner)
Sleeping on her stomach

She has started to wake up at varying hours during the night, usually between 4am and 4:30am. She will eat (we are working on weaning her off of that) and then sleep again until around 7:30am. I let her talk to herself in her crib until 8am. She takes two naps a day, the first around 11am and the second around 3pm.

2015-09-04 22.26.06

2015-09-04 22.27.06

2015-09-04 22.23.43


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