Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Starting a Club

Looking for members...

With my first child (who is now 3 1/2) our new life was a struggle. It took some serious getting used to. Talk about an adjustment...babies crashing into your life was no joke. Throw in some colic and you have a real good time going on. Those first 3 months were hard and we were living in pure survival mode. But then it got more fun...still hard but more fun. And now we are in an entirely different world of challenges with our little threenager.

When I got pregnant with our second child (now 3 months) I was in full on baby fever mode. I was SO excited to hold a sweet little newborn, smell their head, snuggle with them on the couch etc etc. Apparently I completely forgot what life with a newborn was really like. The Mom brain strikes again! 

Then Ellie was born. We had a wonderful birth and a beautiful healthy baby girl. She was tiny, cute, snuggly and so so sleepy. I was soaking up this little newborn girl and it was awesome...

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that lasted for about a week. And then the "honeymoon" phase wore off and the real world of having a newborn in our lives again kicked in.

The world of nursing non-stop (whilst praying that your nipples don't actually get yanked off!), the world of sleeping in small increments, the world of diaper changes and spit up, the world of crying babies who can't tell you what they want (made me love my threenager even more!), the world of being stuck in the house in your dirty pjs all day, the world of swaddling and rocking, the world of crazy Google searches, the world of new parenthood. All over again. 

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2015-03-21 10.56.59

That is when I decided two things: 1. We are SO DONE having kids and 2. I really don't like newborns

Of course I LOVE my baby girl but this phase just isn't for me. A friend of mine coined the term "the 100 days of hell" and its so true. That first 100 days is tough! That is, of course, unless you love the newborn phase. Which a lot of Moms do. But I am definitely not one of them.

So lets start a club. A club of Moms who don't like the lack of sleep, the walking circles around the house trying to calm a screaming baby, the endless game of keep the pacifier in your mouth, the sitting on the couch with your shirt off and baby attached to your boob all day. Lets start a club for those of us who are ready to admit that we want 6 month old babies. Babies who smile and coo, babies who sleep, babies who sit up and play, babies who hold their own bottles...those babies. Those babies are MY FAVORITE! 

So lets start a club. We will drink wine (lots of wine), talk about all the ridiculous and crazy things we have done for our sweet little newborns and toast to the days ahead. The days with 6 month old babies and sleep!

And if anyone...anyone says "cherish these moments, it goes by so fast" -- I will slap them. For real.

Join the club!

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ellie: 2 Months

2 months have come and gone for this little one! Its hard to believe that it has been two whole months since I gave birth to her but it also feels like, "what, its only been two months!" -- you Moms know what I mean. We are slowly adjusting to life with two kids and trying to find our rhythm. We are getting closer to getting in a new groove but not quite there yet. Newborns are so unpredictable! And so are 3 1/2 yr olds!

Here is what #babyEllie is up to...

10lbs 12oz (45%)
22" long (25%)

Being fed
Being talked too

Tummy time
Being tired and not getting a nap (usually due to shuttling her around for big Sis things)

She has really started to grin and smile in the last couple of weeks
More and more head control everyday

2015-05-04 06.44.37

2015-05-04 06.43.27

Molly vs Ellie

DSC_07582015-05-04 06.43.10

Ellie definitely looks like she has a little more chunk on her than Molly did. But both such cuties!!

You can look back at all of Molly's milestone posts here and read about Ellie's at home birth story here and 1 Month post here.