Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ellie: 1 Month

1 month down! Little Ellie is a month old already. And when I said "already" I mean wow slowest month ever! ha!

We are slowly adjusting to our new normal as a family of 4. All things considered its going pretty well. We have had some struggles in various areas and we definitely are still figuring this out. I will share some more on all that in another post.

For now lets gush at my beautiful baby girl Ellie.

7lbs 5oz (at 3 weeks)
20 1/2" long

Going for walks
Watching her big sister
Sleeping...loves her sleep

Being tired
Not being fed fast enough (we have a serious eater on our hands, much like Molly)



Molly vs Ellie


Our little Easter Bunny

2015-04-04 03.36.14

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