Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Ellie: 4 Months

Hard to believe its been 4 months since I gave birth to baby E right in our living room! Crazy how time seems to move so fast when you look back on it. But I still find myself looking ahead to the fun times we have in store for us as she continues to grow.

2015-07-04 03.13.27-1

This past month has been up and down. Ellie seems to have really "woken up" but she is still too young to really play so its a challenge to keep her entertained and happy. She also likes to be a very unpredictable napper, sometimes she naps for 40 min -- sometimes 3 hours. Its kind of nuts! But for the most part she is a very happy and fun little nugget. And gosh darn, that kid is cute! The hair!

14lbs, 14oz (75%)
25 1/2 inches long (80%)
Wearing size 2 day diapers and size 3 night diapers
Wearing 3-6mo and 6mo clothes

Its so weird to have a big baby! M was just so tiny.

Being swaddled for sleep
Putting her hands/objects in her mouth
Foot massages

Being hot (you live in Texas kid, get used to it!)
Sitting still in your lap
Being in the carseat for long
The hiccups

Grabbing toys and putting them in her mouth
Really watching people
Lots of laughs
*She still isn't rolling over, probably because she hates tummy time so much she doesn't get much practice

2015-07-04 03.13.44-3

2015-07-04 03.16.13

Untitled2015-07-04 03.12.43

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