Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Big Sister

With all the new baby excitement around here I didn't want to leave Molly out. After all she is a BIG SISTER now and that is so very important!

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So far Molly has been pretty great. We talked about her baby that was coming for a long time before Ellie was born and she was very excited about her new role. The day Ellie was born she left the house to be with my parents while I labored and then came to meet Ellie soon after she was born. She was immediately very sweet and excited to meet her. Although she did say "I wanted a baby brother!" ha! She warmed up to the idea of a baby sister pretty quickly.

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The first few weeks Molly didn't miss a beat. She was very loving and interested in what baby Ellie was doing but she also went about her days pretty much like before. We made it a point to continue to take her to school and try to keep her routine as normal as we could to help her with the transition. She was great at wanting to help in any way she could and enjoyed taking pictures to school to show off her new baby.

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I did have a very sad moment when I picked up Molly from school and brought her home and then had to immediately feed Ellie. Molly got a little upset and looked and me and said "I just want you to play with ME." It broke my heart.

About a month in we started to see some change in Molly. She started acting out more, throwing more tantrums, just all around demanding more attention. I knew this was completely normal but man did it wear on us. We had a couple weeks where we considered seeking therapy because she was really struggling. We tried to make it a point to give her attention when she was wanting to talk to us and to try and be calm when she had breakdowns. We had a rough month or so and she still throws some epic fits but it has gotten much better.

We had one little incident where I caught Molly punch Ellie in the face (not very hard but intentional) and that was not okay. We had a serious talk with Molly and she told us that she didn't want Ellie here. She was having a jealous moment and I totally get it. I heard it described once as imagining that your husband brought home a new wife one day, what would that feel like? I totally get it girl!

Outside of that one little hiccup she has been extremely loving towards Ellie. Sometimes she loves a little hard but its with good intentions. She likes to give her lots of hugs and kisses and talk to her about her toys and her day. She also likes to read to her which is SO sweet. I can definitely see how much fun its going to be when Ellie gets older and they can really play together. I just know they are going to have a great sisterly bond.

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Molly also loves to help me too. She likes to help with diaper changes and throw the diaper away, she likes to help feed her and pick out her outfits for the day. She has really been a great help to me with some of the little things. She also likes to do what Mom is doing and had me help her babywear her doll! So stinkin' cute.

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All around Molly has become such a wonderful Big Sister. It has been fun watching her grow into this new role and seeing her love her sister so much.

Its going to be an adventure keeping up with these two!

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