Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Health Upgrades

I am just going to ignore the fact that I have not posted in over a month. Honestly, I am debating if I even have the desire to keep this blog going. But I am going to continue to post and see if my "want" picks back up again.

We all know that with a new year brings new resolutions. And by far the #1 resolution is to lose weight or get healthy. This year I jumped on the bandwagon. While weight is something I want to change for me it was more about getting my body back in shape. I had become almost sedentary while also eating a bunch of junk all the time. I felt sluggish, my skin was extra oily, my mind was bored...I needed a change.

So I made a few decisions to get myself in gear. And my motivation - having another baby! I told myself awhile back that I needed to get back in shape and get close to a goal weight before I could get pregnant again. I am hoping that will help keep me on track.

The Changes

1. Fitbit Force- my awesome boss got all of us employees Fitbit Force's for Christmas. I was considering buying one prior to that so I was super excited. Its really neat to see what kind of activity you are doing throughout the day and it adds a level of competition. I have started to slack a bit but mostly bc the weather has not been condusive to running. Getting back at it!

2. Paleo- I used to make fun of all those Paleo people and their obsession with it. It seemed silly to me for some reason. But when I evaluated what I was eating I realized that eliminating carbs and overly processed food in favor of lots of vegetables, lean meats and fruit was a great idea. It has gone pretty well. The hardest part for me is lunch...I just can't do salads everyday and I am impatient when it comes to preparing food for lunch. I have had fun making new meals at dinnertime and its even making me a better cook in the kitchen. Bonus!

3. Cleanse- Back in October I did my first ever juice cleanse. The 3 Day Cleanse was particularly challenging but in a good way. A couple weeks ago I opted to do a 2 day quick cleanse with juices that I made myself. It was a nice little restart for my body and I think I will do one of these every couple months.

4. Running/Working Out- I don't enjoy running. I will never enjoy running. But I feel good when I am done and I enjoy the benefits of it. So I make myself run. I have been running 2-3 days (sometimes more) a week, usually around 2 miles. I can tell that my body is in better shape so it feels good to be doing it. I also mix in Jillian DVDs, the 7 Min Scientific workout and other activities to keep me moving.

5. Water- I have always enjoyed drinking water and do it throughout the day but I never get as much as I should. I have tried to be very conscious about drinking upwards of 80oz a day or more. On the days where I drink more water I defintely feel "cleaner" - even though I have to pee all. the. time.

6. 80/20 Rule- You only live once. I enjoy being lazy on ocassion. I enjoy eating fried foods and a bowl full of macaroni and cheese. You can't totally deprive yourself or its just not worth it. Everything in moderation. I give myself a cheat meal every week and have 1-2 days where I don't work out at all.

So have all these upgrades paid off? Yes, absolutely. I have seen changes on the scale, although I have a long way to go, and I definitely feel better. Your body is the only one you get, you have to treat it right. Plus...gotta get myself ready to make another baby!

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  1. Mallory Oleshko2/26/2014 11:01:00 AM

    I hope you keep on blogging I enjoy reading you blog!