Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tis the Season

Its only taken me until Christmas Eve to put up a Christmas post. Very unlike me if you know about my love for this season. But its that love that has kept me from blogging about it...things have been crazy ya'll! Between shopping, decorating, events, and more events, preparing to travel back home and now being back home I have not had much time to blog. But I am sweeping in at the last second to put some holiday goodness up on the blog.

I spent two days decorating the house, we don't really have that much stuff but a toddler makes the job a little harder than it used to be.

2013-12-03 01.37.53

The outside lights are Chase's job and he recruited my brother this year as well. We go for the classic large multi-color lights. I love the old school look.

2013-12-20 06.21.41

We also get a real tree every year. I grew up with a real tree and the thought of ever getting a fake one just doesn't sit well with me. They are so beautiful and the house smells so good. It wouldn't be Christmas without the smell of a fresh cut Christmas tree.

2013-12-20 06.25.06

Our tree is decorated with a mix of old and new - classic and modern. My Grams gave us a Hallmark ornament every year growing up so most of those are on the tree as well as some other special ornaments commemorating important events. This one is my favorite, its the one we got the first year it was the three of us.

christmas1 2013-12-24 13-45-20

christmas2 2013-12-24 13-49-12

2013-12-20 06.25.30

And our beloved elf Ellie is also back this year from the North Pole. Molly has really gotten into her this year and every morning runs around the house looking for her. "Where Ellie?! Where Ellie?!"

2013-12-20 06.27.21

We also got a little snow/ice storm earlier this December, which is very rare for Dallas, so it really helped us get into the holiday spirit! Look at my cute family...so lucky and blessed this season!

2013-12-06 13.29.06-2

Merry Christmas to all!! xo