Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Her First Table

I had been drooling over adorable kid sized tables for months just waiting until Molly was old enough to warrant getting her one. This past month it finally happened! And let me report: she LOVES it!

After considering some on Pottery Barn Kids, Land of Nod and other stores we ending up settling on the Ikea Latt table and chairs. The price of $19.99 can't be beat and we have heard several first hand reviews from friends. Fortunately we have an Ikea really close to us so we headed out one Saturday afternoon to pick one up.

Knowing the Ikea table is a simple table with clean lines and unfinished wood we had plans to spruce it up a bit. Pinterest aided me in my search for exactly what I wanted to do. Our style is mid century inspired so I knew I didn't want to do too much. Just something fun and simple.

So we set out to paint a few things.

We decided to paint the border of the table and the border of the chairs a mod green color (Martha Stewart Cornichon) so we first taped off the areas that we were going to paint.


We rolled the paint on. 3 coats with about an hour in between each coat.


We followed up the paint with 3 spray coats of clear high-gloss Polycrylic to help seal and protect the table. It didn't give it the shine or the smoothness we thought it would. We might go back with a can of Polycrylic that we roll on to get a better texture.


We also wanted the table to be fun for Molly so we decided to paint the top with chalkboard paint. We used a can of Rustoleum and brushed it on. We did 3 coats of this as well. We got a little anxious and didn't give it enough time to set up completely so Molly already took a couple gouges out of it. 

The finished product...


As soon as Molly saw the table she fell in love. Instantly wanting to sit in the chair, carry things over and set it on the table top and get in and out, in and out, in and out.




She looks so grown up sitting at that table. : )

Budget Breakdown:
  • Ikea Latt Table - $19.99
  • Pint of Glidden Martha Stewart Cornichon Interior Paint - $9.97
  • Rust-Oleum Specialty 30-oz. Specialty Flat Chalkboard Paint - $9.97
  • Minwax 11.5 oz. Gloss Polycrylic Protective Finish - $11.97
Grand total= $51.90 + tax (and we have leftover materials)

Smile on Molly's face = priceless

Monday, February 18, 2013

Molly: 15 Months

I can't believe we are already at another milestone month (according to the doc visits). It has been 3 months since she turned 1 and it has gone by SO fast.

Since she turned ONE I decided to slow the updates down to every 3 months corresponding with her check-up visits. While a lot is changing from day to day the big stuff is better told every few months.

The past 3 months were a whirlwind. Going from her birthday, to the busy holiday season and then starting a new year there has been a lot going on (and my blog is suffering from that, but more on that later). Homegirl is nonstop. While she is awake she doesn't stay still for more than 30 seconds at a time. She is picking up new skills and venturing into new tasks all the time. Its exhausting to attempt to keep up. But we are having fun trying!

Everyday is a new adventure and its so fun to watch the world through her curious and inquisitive eyes. She has quite the personality and we can see our own personality traits starting to come out in her. She loves to be outside playing. Whether it be running around in circles, throwing the ball or climbing, if she is outside she is happy. We love her outdoor spirit and we will always encourage her to play outside in the world rather than sitting in front of a tv or video game. I think she will be just fine with that.

A few things have gotten harder these last few months. The biggest is going to a restaurant. Eating out is a nightmare. She hates highchairs and just wants to stand up in them. Its really hard to eat a meal out these days but we keep trying, knowing that eventually she won't be so difficult.

But with the hard parts come the amazing parts. While parenthood doesn't get any easier it definitely gets more rewarding!

We are so lucky to have such an amazing daughter in our lives. Molly, we never knew how much we could love someone until you. xoxo


 Weight- 19lbs 7oz (7%)
 Height- 29.5" (25%)

Wearing Some 12mo still but mostly 12-18mo clothes. She could wear 12mo shirts for the sleeve length but girl has a big ol' baby belly that sticks out the bottom. ha! Size 4 diapers.

Playing outside
Playing with her puzzles
Climbing (on everything!)
Emptying out containers
Baby Yoga (she has some serious poses down)

The word "No"
Riding in the car seat (yes, still)
Not being able to go outside
Diaper changes
High chairs

Temper tantrum. Yikes!

Mama (very rarely)
Dat = that
Ba= ball
Bun= bunny

Loves to eat. If we left food out all the time she would eat all. the. time. She has definitely gotten pickier these last few months. Veggies are no longer a favorite and usually end up on the floor. Her favorites are avocado, cheese, eggs, tomatoes, strawberries, grapes, blueberries, hot dogs and goldfish.

We are in a weird sleeping pattern right now. She has been getting up a lot earlier in the morning (6:45am!) and has been fussy during the nightime. She is getting some molars and its definitely affecting her. We are also in transition from 2 naps to 1 so its a guess how as to how long and when she is going to nap everyday.

7 teeth and counting! 2 bottom, 4 top and 1 1/2 top molars.