Thursday, November 21, 2013

Turning TWO: The Party

Immediately after last years party, which was above and beyond, and in the couple months leading up to Molly's birthday I swore that I was going to keep it simple. But then I started looking around on Pinterest and my desire to create a fun and well decorated party took over. But still...definitely going to take it down a notch from her first party.

We settled on a Popsicle/Ice cream theme because those are two of Molly's very favorite things. This is usually a summertime theme but we thought we could pull it off in November...after all - we live in Texas (and it ended up being in the high 70s during the party).

Luckily I saved almost all of the decorations from last year and most of the colors fit right in so we reused a lot of things. But we also made some fun new things too! Take a look around...

2013-11-10 05.16.08

2013-11-10 05.14.25

2013-11-10 05.15.21

2013-11-10 05.28.29

2013-11-10 05.39.11

2013-11-10 05.40.18

2013-11-10 05.15.10

For the menu we kept it pretty simple. The party started at 2:30 so we just needed snack foods. On the menu we had pigs-in-a-blanket (a party staple), ham and cheese pinwheels, hummus-cheese-cracker plate, chex mix, and apple sauce packets for toddler snacking on the go. For desserts we had popsicle rice krispy treats and cupcakes. I decided to make Molly her own little mini cake this year and made a Popsicle cake.

2013-11-10 05.46.37

2013-11-10 05.47.25

To keep the kiddos entertained we borrowed a small bounce house and set it up in the backyard along with several other outside toys. Like I said, the weather ended up being perfect for this and the kids had so much fun!

2013-11-10 05.04.08

2013-11-10 16.08.34-1

2013-11-10 05.40.45

2013-11-10 05.17.10

And the adults had lots of fun too! Some of our good friends even came in themed shirts they decorated themselves!!

2013-11-10 05.02.57

2013-11-10 05.36.23

2013-11-10 05.53.35

It was such a fun time! So much less stressful than last year and neat to see all the kids actually run around and play together.

We also decided to request that guests bring unwrapped toys for Toys for Tots instead of gifts for Molly. She has so many toys and we knew our family would be getting her plenty. We ended up with a wagon full of awesome toys to donate.

2013-11-10 17.44.44

Another great party! Next year I am definitely going to scale back...

Big Thanks to my friend Laura for leading the DIY decorations yet again, to my Mom for helping get everything ready the day of, to my friend Alex for taking all the great photos so I could party and to everyone else who came and made it a very special day for Molly!

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