Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The 3 Day Cleanse

Back before I was pregnant Chase and I decided to embark on a cleanse. An intense 21 day juice, raw vegetables, shakes, pills cleanse. It was designed to completely reboot your system and get your body back on track. Sounded like an awesome idea! After approximately 30 hours on that cleanse I quit. I couldn't do it. As Chase and I sat in our living room almost lifeless because of our complete lack of energy in addition to the hateful words we were exchaning due to our extreme HANGER we decided to give up. We weren't ready for that level of cleanse intensity. But I have always wanted to give some kind of cleanse another try.

Fast forward to a couple months ago when I came across Skinny Limits. I don't even remember how I found them but I was intrigued by their products. It turned out one of our raw chef friends had some ties to them and she told me all about how awesome their juices are. She got me very excited to try it out! Plus, they offer a 3 day cleanse. Not 21 days --- 3 days! Much more up my alley. So I contacted them and they graciously offered to send me their 3 day cleanse to try out.

I opted to start my cleanse after we returned from our vacation to Boston. This was an eating and drinking delicious things vacation so my body would definitely need a good cleaning out. The package arrived on Tuesday and I was set to start my cleanse the next day. Because their juices have no preservatives or processing you have to start within a day of receiving your juice. Just fresh raw juice, how cool is that!


Day One:
This was definitely the hardest day. I ignored the recommendation from the kind folks at Skinny Limits to wean myself off of caffeine before starting. I opted to just go cold turkey and boy was that a mistake. I had a super intense my brain is going to explode headache that lasted into the wee hours of day 2. I really felt like I was dying. I couldn't even tell if I was hungry or not. I was pretty much wiped out by the headache and spent the day either struggling to focus on a task or curled up in the fetal position on the floor. Don't let this scare you away, just let it scare you into easing out of caffiene if you are an addict like me.


Day Two:
Much better than day 1. This was probably the best day in terms of feeling good. I did have to commit to full on chugging my juices because I wasn't super in love with the taste. I think this is mostly because I have a weird thing about cucumber -- I hate it. Others who sampled my juice thought it was good. But I powered through this day taking down all of the juice and even playing a kickball game. My energy level actually felt really good. I felt fresh!


Day Three:
On day three the hunger pains set in. I hadn't really been affected by this on day 1 or 2 so it kind of took me by surprise. My body wanted to eat food! I also got behind on my juices in the morning becuase of a meeting so I know that was part of it. I just kept telling myself I was almost there, I had almost made it. We even went to dinner with some friends to an Italian restaurant where I indulged on water. Lots of water. I know, I am crazy. Who goes to an Italian restaurant when you can't have anything. Apparently me. I would not recommend this. But I was proud of myself for not giving in to the smell of fresh garlic and site of oozing cheese and completing the cleanse.


All in all it was great! It took a lot out of me the first day but I am very glad I did it and I would consider doing it again for sure. I would definitely recommend weaning off of caffeiene prior to the cleanse, you will feel a lot better in the beginning. I also had some raw carrots in the afternoons between juices to chew something and get a little boost. I ended up losting 3.5 lbs which was a nice bonus (but I assure you I have put back on).

Skinny Limits has a great product and I also love their story. They are extremely dedicated to making great quality juice and it shows. They were also very helpful and sent me sweet notes along the way to see how I was doing. In addition to being a great group of people I also liked that their juice had no preservatives. They make all the juices themselves in their own kitchen, nothing is done in a warehouse. You can definitely count on fresh handmade juice!

I will definitely be juicing again!

Skinny Limits offered to send me their 3 day juice cleanse at no cost in exchange for a review of their product. All opinions and statements about my expeirience are my own.

If you want more information about Skinny Limits and their products you can visit their website, Facebook page and Twitter page.

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