Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Time for Two

Once your first child, or most recent child, hits the age of one the questions start in..."When are you going to have baby number 2?" "How far apart do you want your kids?" "How many kids do you want to have?" "You didn't take a drink of that beer, ARE YOU PREGNANT?!"

Please people...let me breathe! But I get it, I do it too.

So here we sit with our first born at 21 months. Woah! How did that happen? 2 going on 12. And so the wanting is starting to set in. First, its a desire to be pregnant because I loved it so much last time. Seriously, loved it. It didn't hurt that I had the best pregnancy ever with little to no "side effects." I am very aware that every pregnancy is different, BUT that is what I remember. Second, new little babies are making me gush. And they are everywhere it seems. So what is our plan? When is number two? 

Well... #2 will be arriving in February! 

 I kid, I kid. haha Did I fool you? Probably not.

But we do have a plan, so I thought I would share some of it (not all, gotta keep the mystery of it alive).

My brother and I are 3 years and 8 months a part. I think its the perfect gap. Not too close that you are cramping each others needs and not too far apart that you can't relate. In terms of having a newborn and a 3 1/2 year old - I think its the perfect age for Molly to be. She will be potty trained, in "school," somewhat able to do things like dress herself, brush her teeth, get a snack and old enough where she will want to help (in her own way).

I don't want to be big and pregnant in the summer, in Texas. Sounds miserable. I don't want a baby born around the Christmas holiday. I don't want both of my children's birthdays in the same month. I know, I am getting pretty picky but last time around we didn't get to be choosy AT ALL so I am determined to take some factors into my own hands this time. And not being huge in 108 degree August is a must!

Chase is still in chiropractic school which means I am the sole breadwinner for our family right now. Which also means we don't have a lot of extra cash floating around that we can save up and use for the expenses of a new baby. Chase will be graduating soon and, cross your fingers, become gainfully employed. This means we can start to set some money aside and better prepare our family finances so we can comfortably handle a second child. I don't want to put money pressure on us when its not necessary. I also don't want to put pressure on Chase as soon as he graduates to start supporting 4 people. The planner in me will definitely have our budget lined out so we don't have to worry and can focus on enjoying our family.

As mentioned above, I had a very easy pregnancy. No complications, no problems. I also had a very good labor and delivery and healed up quick with no issues. So while health during pregnancy and delivery is not a big concern I do want to be fit and in shape. Since we had just gotten married a mere 3 months before getting pregnant with Molly I was still in "fit into your dress" shape. Well this time around my life is a little more hectic and I have a little less time to hit the gym. I have some personal health goals that I must meet before I am comfortable with getting pregnant.

So as you can see, a plan is in place. Number 2 is in the not-so-distant future but he/she also isn't right around the corner. As long as I can stave off my baby fever! I have enlisted friends who will slap me and remind me of what it was really like in those early days so I won't get ahead of myself.

Now, back to enjoying number one. 

What a goof!


  1. I love hearing what people think is a great age gap! I have a friend who has two girls 3 years apart and it seems like a pretty wonderful spacing! One is all potty trained before the other arrives :)

  2. I always told myself, I will NOT change two sets of diapers. ha!

  3. 3 years would have been ideal for me - we pushed up TTC because of my grad school. Also I WAS pregnant in Texas in the summer with Em and it was terrible. I hit 20 weeks in May so I had the whole summer with a big belly. I definitely agree with waiting for that reason alone haha.

  4. I am hoping the spacing works out, seems ideal in theory. : ) And Congrats again on grad school -- so exciting!

    Oof! I feel awful for you in the Texas heat in the third trimester. Definitely something to "try" and time around. haha