Friday, August 23, 2013


Why have I not blogged in forever you ask? Well I had a little computer mishap. My hard drive crashed and I hadn't backed up in months so I lost all of my pictures. All of my pictures to inspire and populate blog posts. I have several posts waiting in the wings and I should get all my pics back this weekend. So stay with me.


In the early months of Molly's life when I was bouncing all day long, struggling to figure her out and doing the best I could to make sure she was getting everything she needed I remember thinking, "I can't wait until she can tell me she loves me back." Well folks, the day has come!

A couple weeks ago Molly started saying I love You. And it is SO sweet. 

"I wuv youuu Daddy!"

"I wuv youuu Mommy!"

Gives me warm fuzzies every single time. 

This kid is going to be hard to say No to when she smiles and says those three words.

Before I leave you all for the weekend, congratulations to KC Strohbehn! Congrats KC, you are the winner of my Wienervention Applegate Farms giveaway! I will contact you to arrange the shipment of your organic all natural hot dogs. Thanks for entering! Visit for more information on the company's story and their products if you missed the giveaway. Great stuff!

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