Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Last summer was interesting. Summer in Texas is fun but brutal. By the time June hits its triple digit temps until September with lots of humidity mixed in. In the pre-baby days it wasn't that big of a deal, we just sweated it out and enjoyed long happy hours with frozen drinks on patios with water spritzers.

Last summer we had a 6 month old. A tiny little baby who could barely sit up, didn't like hats and didn't  have the ability to "sweat it out." This meant very limited time outdoors, only a handful of happy hours and not a real summer vibe going on.


Well this summer is going to be different! Long days full of parks, picnics, pools and more. You see Molly LOVES being outside. If she is inside she is probably gazing out the windows wishing she was outside. She runs barefoot around the backyard, thinks watering the flowers is sprinkler time and thoroughly enjoys "mowing the lawn."

This summer I don't have to hold a sweaty baby on top of my lap because she can't sit up. Instead I can relax on my chair with my feet in her baby pool while she happily splashes and giggles the afternoon away.

I can share my ice cream. I can have her help me wash the car. I can go on bike rides with her. I can take her to the driving range. And we even found a few awesome kid friendly spots to do happy hours.





Oh I love summer. And this one is going to be EPIC.

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