Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Molly: 18 Months

As I write this (2 weeks past her 18 month mark) Molly is closer to 2 years old than she is 1. Wow. That just blows me away. Each and every day she is less of a baby and more of a toddler. And at times showing some of that dreaded "terrible twos" behavior. But I still get a glimpse of my sweet little baby girl from time to time as she snuggles up and falls asleep on my shoulder or cuddles with her blanket and lovey. That time is fleeting though, faster than I wish. But we are spending our time having lots of fun!

18 months is a really fun age. Its so neat to watch her figure things out for herself and her language skills are exploding! Learning new words everyday and starting to figure out some sentences (albeit short ones). She is very bright and picks up new skills extremely fast. She also understands so much that sometimes I don't even realize it. Its amazing what an 18 month old can comprehend.

She also has her fair share of cranky times. If she is even the least bit tired then saying No to anything results in a full on meltdown. A flop. She throws herself on the floor and then just flops around like a dead fish. Would be funny if it wasn't my kid. We are trying to learn how to deal with these little spells, its still a work in progress.

She is an adventurous, goofy, silly, wild, smart, funny little toddler. She makes us laugh all the time with her antics and she can also get us pretty frustrated too. She usually has a big smile on her face and it doesn't take much to make her crack up. She knows what she wants and you can see the frustration in her face if we aren't understanding her. She also gets easily annoyed if she can't complete tasks on her own. Its either 110% or 0%. No in between. She keeps us on our toes!

I am thoroughly enjoying being a Mom to an 18 month old as we have many adventures together. Looking forward to a great summer with my lil sidekick!

We love you so much Molly. You bring a huge smile to our face each and every day. xoxo


 Weight- 22lbs 4oz (25%)
 Height- 31.5" (25%)

In mostly 18-24 month clothes. Still rocking the size 4 diaper.

Playing outside (mowing, riding in her car, sliding, in the pool etc. etc.)
Going to the park
Hiding behind things and saying "Boo!"
Having tea parties
Having Daddy bounce her up and down in his truck bed
Using her George (curious George) as a puppet
Singing and acting out "Wheels on the Bus"

Being told "No"
Getting dressed
Having to come inside

She got her first little freckle on her cheek!
Petting a Giraffe at the Zoo
Swinging on a big kid swing

No way I could possibly list all her words. She talks constantly and with a lot of clarity. She has started repeating a lot of words as we say them and has starting forming sentences. She loves pointing to people she knows in pictures and saying their names. Looking back at the 15 month post I had listed 7 words, incredible how much her language skills have taken off!

Is still a pretty darn good eater. In the morning after breakfast she pretty much snacks until lunch and then her nap. She has 3 solid meals a day with lots of snacks in between. Her new favorite thing is munching on an apple.

Sleep is great for the most part. She is having some night terrors every so often and has had to come sleep with use a couple times (which is not fun, I don't get any sleep) but other than that going well. She takes a 1 1/2-2 hr nap around 12:30 and goes to bed at 8ish.

12 teeth, 4 top/4 bottom/4 molars. Been at a stand still on teeth.













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  1. I sure do love watching this little girl grow...just wish it didn't happen so fast!