Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mama, Mama, Mama!!

Molly's first word was Dada. She said it early and often. And she was so proud of being able to say it. For awhile Dada meant her Dad and me because she hadn't yet figured out how to say Mama. I couldn't wait to hear her say my new name, "Mama." She finally picked it up around 13 months old and it was so amazing to hear. I loved it. I could listen to her say it all day long. Mama, mama, mama.

When I returned from my short weekend trip to Vegas for a bachelorette party a couple weeks ago I couldn't wait to pick her up, give her a kiss and hear her say my name.

But then in the days to follow that simple little word would start to haunt me. It seems as though Molly picked up some severe separation anxiety with my being away. I also hear that around 18 months it really peaks as well as they begin to understand more. And whew, did it peak!

It was probably one of the most frustrating weeks of motherhood thus far. I couldn't leave the room, I could barely even step more than 2 feet away. Huge temper tantrums where thrown when I had to sit her down so I could use the restroom. (she was in the restroom with me!!) We had friends over and the entire time she wouldn't even play or let me have a conversation unless I was holding her. If I went inside to get a friend a drink it was an epic meltdown.

Then it started to affect sleep. It took me over an hour to get her down for a few nights and then she would wake up only 30 minutes later crying out, Mama, mama, mama! The only way we could get her to stay asleep was to have my husband go in and rock her back to sleep.

YIKES! I wanted to pull my hair out and scream!

This was a few weeks ago and it has calmed down a little bit but its not 100% better. She still needs more attention at bedtime, she still wants me in the room with her most of the time and if someone besides her Dad or I even approach her she starts to call for me - Mama, mama, mama!

I know its only a phase. I know it will pass. But man, its exhausting.

Anyone have any tips on how to handle this? Anybody else's little ones have extreme separation anxiety?

I want to be there for her, obviously, but I also want her to learn how to be independent. And be okay with me going to pee!


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  1. Hi, I just ran across your comment on Emily's post and wanted to say that while it may seem connected to your weekend away, it might not be. My toddler started it out of the blue a few weeks ago and is still going strong. I am so exhausted and have no tips, but wanted to let you know you're not alone!