Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Front Door Makeover

Our 1958 home has these darling front doors. Yep, 2 of them. They have their drawbacks, we only open one and its not as wide as the average door. But they are uber charming and one of the historic features that I love about owning a home that is over 50 years old. They are solid wood, have beautiful detail and they don't look just like the neighbors next door. Swoon!

Despite all of their current pros I still wanted to take them up a notch. Lets paint them! Colored front doors are something I have always wanted and an easy/inexpensive way to add some pop to the entry to your home. That is all the convincing I needed and I put it on our Home Project List.

I had been admiring a blue/teal color on a house along a neighborhood street nearby for years. This was my chance to take that admiration to another level. So the decided color was blue/teal.

My mom was in town about a month ago and since Molly had Mother's Day Out while she was here we made that our project day (see playroom art).

Some people leave the doors on to paint but with the narrow space they are housed in and the detail of the doors we opted to take them off. Once we got them off we laid them down in the garage and got to work.

In total it took us 3 coats of an exterior primer and paint in one. We let them dry for about 4 hours before putting them back on (we could have waited longer but it was getting dark).

Voila! Painted doors!


And because a before and after is always necessary.





And a night shot for good measure.


I can't wait to have all our planting and yard work done for Spring. Then its really going to pop!

I would also like to replace our light fixtures and do something different with the mailbox. In time.