Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Best of Blogs eBook from Babble

Way back when, seems like forever ago, I had a newborn baby that didn't want to breastfeed. The struggle of those first few months and the desire to breastfeed an unwilling child made for a tough time. A time that I felt like nobody talked about. So I decided to write a blog post about it. A post to hopefully help others that are in my same situation. Unless you have been there you just can't relate.

Flash forward to now and Babble, one of my favorite Mom resources, picked up my post on breastfeeding to publish in their new eBook, Parenting, Uncensored: Straight Talk from Real Moms and Dads on Breastfeeding. The eBook is a collection of posts on the subject of breastfeeding from several wonderful bloggers who have gone through one thing or another with breastfeeding.

"In twelve frank and funny essays, Parenting Uncensored gives a range of perspectives on an often controversial topic: breastfeeding. From Stefanie Wilder’s plea for everyone to stop judging one another to Ilana Wiles’s account of pumping in public (“You don’t know breast pump awkwardness until two 20 year-old guys are coordinating your pumping session over walkie talkies, then appearing to escort you to the back of the hair and make-up trailer and standing outside the front door … “), you’ll hopefully find a kindred spirit and even be inspired to join the conversation. Several of the essays in the book were chosen by the Babble community as the most compelling and helpful examination of the topic."

I am honored to be featured in this eBook and excited that more women will get a chance to read and relate to my personal story on breastfeeding. Its a topic that is heavily debated and one that no matter what your story women continually feel judged. Hopefully more and more mothers will be empowered by this eBook.


  1. Emily Montgomery4/30/2013 10:28:00 PM

    Congrats Hallie! That's really exciting to get to a part of something potentially helpful for others!

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