Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What She Wears: Molly's Style

I like to think Molly has style. So much so that it deserves its own post. Its also fun to see where other Moms get their kids digs and what things are their favorite. 

Molly's wardrobe is cute, simple and affordable using lots of staples like leggings and simple t-shirts and then layering. She also refuses to wear any type of bow or headband on her head so I like to put her in pink a lot and pick items that have little flowers on them etc. to girl it up a bit.

Our favorite store as of late is Old Navy. They have super cute clothes that are affordable and they almost always have a sale. I also love how Old Navy splits their sizes. Molly is currently a toddler in their 12-24 mo section. Plus their clothes fit her perfectly.

Because Molly is so small (rocking the 5th percentile yall!) I try and avoid baggy pants and jeans so she wears a lot of leggings. Side note: I tried to put her in real jeans one time and she freaked about the texture. ha!

Last but not least is her shoes. Most days Molly wears her trusty pair of Stride Rites. While pricey I have realized that they are worth it. We have tried countless pairs of cheaper shoes but they either don't fit right or she won't wear them. Stride Rite is great because they have shoes for specific walkers. While Molly is definitely a "runner" we still put her in the early walker shoes because the sole is softer. We have read that until a child is 2 they should be barefoot as much as possible and then wear shoes that let them "feel" the ground. These shoes are perfect, they are hard enough to take the wear and tear of the playground but they are still very flexible so she can really feel the ground.




What is your kiddo wearing? Any favorite brands?

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