Monday, January 14, 2013

Home Projects: Quarter One

I have a long list in Evernote of all the things I want to do to my house. Some are very realistic and others are very not. And we are constantly playing the game of "is this worth it for this house?" Since this is not our forever home or even our 10 year home we don't want to do too much. But I also think its silly when people spend money upgrading their house right before they sell when they could have done it years earlier and actually enjoyed it. (constant argument over and over in my head when trying to rationalize things)

After all this back and forth there are a few projects/design things etc. that we are going to attempt to tackle in the first quarter of this year. Some depend on budget, some depend on time but all are things that I definitely want in this house.

In an attempt to make it more real and not just a tidy list in my Evernote account I thought I would share it. This also might keep us accountable. Of course, as we do these things, I will post about them.

Without further ado, THE LIST:

  1. Paint front doors
  2. Paint kitchen cabinets white
    1. Inside large pantry door chalkboard paint
    2. New kitchen hardware
  3. Re-cover mid century chairs
  4. New house numbers
  5. Better lighting in guest bath
  6. Drywall laundry room and garage
  7. Sod front area (early Spring)
  8. New buffet/bar
  9. New bookcase
  10. Sleeper sofa/love seat
  11. Chandelier light in entryway

I know, long list right! I am being very optimistic about what we want to do but gotta set the bar high right.

The first thing up is painting our front doors. We have gone back and forth on replacing them or painting them, finally landing on painting. Our house was built in 1958 and it has many charming elements, one being our double front doors. The width of each door is super tiny but they definitely add character. So instead of spending upwards of $700 to replace we are going to give them new life with a fun color.

I have had my eye on a soft teal blue color. Just the pop of color I want. And a nod to my mid century style. Hoping to get the project started this weekend while we have an extra day.

So what do you think? My project list too long? Am I crazy for picking such a bright color for the doors? 

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  1. LOVE the teal door. I think it will look so rad on your house. And I love how your house has double doors.