Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Turning ONE: The Party (part 1)

This past Saturday, on her actual birthday, we hosted Molly's big 1st Birthday party. It ended up being perfect! But it was quite the work to get it all together and ready before the first guest arrived. And I have sworn off anything elaborate in the next few birthdays.

As I mentioned in a previous post (Birthday Party Planning) I have been planning this in my head since those first early months of her life. And by planning I really mean pinning. Pinterest is ideal for these types of things but it can't lead to a little craziness as well.

The non-theme theme I was going for was lots of bright and fun colors and 1's. 

With the help of my fantastic and overly crafty friend Laura we were able to re-create most of my pins. And it turned out to be one heck of a party!

In this Part 1 post I will share all of the fun decorations!

Welcome! We ushered in guests with the help of the balloon wreath. We plan on using this for many many years to come by simply switching out the 1.

Balloon ceiling! Molly really loved this and it was fairly easy. Its still hanging in our living room.

We used lots of tissue poms and lanterns around the house. And I LOVE the picture collage 1. It was an easy way to share lots of pictures over the past year.


My Mom made an awesome tablecloth full of colorful dots but left it in OKC so this was our last second back-up. Turned out pretty cute (its a small grey chevron pattern). For the food we kept it simple and kid friendly.

The menu:
-Pigs in a blanket
-Burger sliders
-Mini muffin pizzas
-Fruit kabobs
-Cheese cubes
-Jello cupcakes

One of my favorite decorations was the monthly photo banner. It was so neat to see how much she changed month-by-month. Really shows how much time flies!

We don't have a mantle in our house (gasp!) so we covered the TV in DIY chevron paper and used the entertainment center as our mantle.

This hat is so adorable. Molly left it on for about 1.5 seconds.

The high-chair we kept pretty simple. A DIY chevron paper for the floor, a ONE banner and a single balloon. Too cute.

The decorations were a hit and Molly really loved all the balloons and pictures of the cute baby (herself) that were everywhere.

We had a great time celebrating our little girl. I will share more of the fun in post 2.

Stay tuned...


  1. I love it! Simple theme. I might just steal all your ideas for Cora's someday.

  2. What a great job, Hallie! Beautiful party. And a happy, happy, HAPPY birthday to M <3 I am starting to freak out about our party. Hahaha. Oh, well. I also love your menu. We're trying to do some smaller finger-ish type foods, too.

  3. Thanks Lisa! Steal away.

  4. Thanks Ashley! It was a lot of work. Whew. Your party will be great and no matter what Ada will LOVE it. Can't wait to see pics.