Thursday, November 8, 2012

Munchkin Meals: Challenges

Been awhile since I have written about Munchkin Meals but its mostly because I think we are pretty boring when it comes to meals. So, that fits this months theme...challenges! Big thanks to Brittany at A Healthy Slice of Life for hosting this linkup. And hopefully getting this Mom out of a rut.


I will admit, I am going to piggy back off of Madeline at Food, Fitness, & Family and talk about snacks.

Molly is now up to 3 meals a day and 2-3 snacks depending on how well she is napping (aka not well lately!). And I struggle so much to find good snacks for her.

She is a carb fiend! Unfortunately I know where she got that from. (shamefully pointing at myself) She loves puffs, graham crackers, mum-mums, cheerios, vanilla wafers etc. etc. etc. I like those options because they are quick and easy, portable, and she can eat them w/out making a huge mess. She is also a big fan of blueberries (woah, baby crack!) and grapes. I try to save the blueberries for her dessert with meals so those are out for snacks.

So, I need something a little less carb heavy and more nutritious. We are about to give peanut butter a try so hopefully she has no allergies and we can weave that into snacks.

In the meantime...CARB LOAD!


So help me out Moms and link up to Brittany's Munchkin Meals with snack ideas!


  1. I love that picture of her with the bread! I hear you on carbs- my daughter (and I!) are carb fanatics too and it takes a lot of effort to incorporate other things... Laura's suggestion about string cheese is good, and we also do lots of fruit, frozen peas, mushrooms or cherry tomatoes with hummus, smoothies made with yogurt, berries, spinach and banana, etc... hope that helps a little.

  2. She does eat dairy, its just usually with her main meals (yogurt at breakfast, cheese at lunch). Sometimes she gets leftover yogurt as a snack but she usually eats it all!

  3. She gets most of that stuff with her main meals. I do really want to try smoothies though. Just need to figure out how to make them quickly!

  4. That last pic is priceless- SO cute! I've lessened out amount of puffs lately because H can eat SO many and they're kind of pricey, so we've taken the Cheerio (or Toasted Oats ;)) route when out and about, though now I want to get some 'nilla wafers- YUM
    Thanks for linking up :)