Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Recap: Packed Full

This past weekend was a doozy! But a really fun doozy.

We started things off by going on a date night. My Dad was in town so he watched Molly and we snuck out (literally because she freaks if she sees me leave) to dinner and a movie.

Yummy Mexican food complete with a couple tequila shots. We don't get out that much anymore so we took full advantage.



We went and saw Argo which was fantastic! Its based on a true story, which I love, and is very entertaining. We definitely recommend this one.

Saturday Molly and I met some friends at our favorite place, the Dallas Arboretum. It never gets old, fun every time. I went home and put Molly down for her morning nap then I got to escape the house for a bit without Molly and meet some friends for brunch and a little shopping. Such a treat!

When I got home Chase informed me that Molly was walking all over the place. She decided that walking is her preferred method over crawling now so we have a full on walking baby!

Saturday evening we went to some friends to eat dinner (delicious ribs!) and then came home to watch the OU vs Notre Dame game. Not the turn out I wanted. : (

Sunday was a BIG day! We kicked things off in the morning by hitting up the park. Molly loves to climb the big kid toys and she also decided she really likes the slide.



She even walked in the park mulch which I thought was pretty impressive.

After her morning nap we had a big time afternoon ahead. We were taking Molly to her first Dallas Cowboys NFL game! Being the huge sports fans we are this was a big deal. It also completed Molly's professional sports trifecta. In her first year she has been to an OKC Thunder NBA game, a Texas Rangers MLB game and now a Dallas Cowboys NFL game. We snuck this one in just 2 weeks before her first birthday.


We did a little tailgating outside the stadium and then into the game we went. Molly did great! I was really impressed considering she hates sitting still, especially now that she is walking.






We had a fantastic weekend! Its getting so much fun with Molly and we love getting out and doing things with her.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend.

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