Monday, October 1, 2012

September Review

I cannot believe its October 1st. Completely insane. But I welcome October and Fall with open arms. Especially since lots of fun things are coming.

But before we dive head first into October lets review September.

Life got ahold of us and we had a busy end to the summer leading into September. I am still recovering and trying to get this ol' blog fully kicking again. But I also don't feel the need to forgo my full enjoyment in how great my life is right now so I am trying to slow down and enjoy the moments.

Speaking of enjoy the moments we took a lovely vacation, just Chase and I, to Chicago. We met up with great friends and family and thoroughly enjoyed my favorite city. Plus we ate our weight in pizza and pasta. Yum!

September also met crossing a big milestone off of my personal list. I ran my first 10k. With absolutely zero training. I amazed myself at how my body was able to persevere but I will definitely be training for the next one. I survived, now its time to perform.

My little girl also managed to turn 10 months old this past month. How is that possible?! We are a mere month and some change away from her 1st Birthday. Its unbelievable. I feel like we were carrying her out of the hospital last week. I want to soak up every moment of her being a baby before she turns into a toddler. And this was a year ago?!

Some other big things happened in September...

Molly is trying her best to walk!

She also thinks she is 21.

And I let her wear Orange with her daddy (OU had a bye week).


September was a blast! And October is going to be even better. Its my birthday month after all.
: )

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