Monday, September 24, 2012

Molly: 10 Months

Double digits have arrived. 10 Months!

I never knew how much a tiny little tot could really wear me out. With each day she gets a little braver, a little more curious and a little more rambunctious. At the end of the day when I climb into bed I am usually fast asleep before my head hits the pillow.

This past month we have done a lot of development and we are hitting some big milestones and getting really close to others. Its so exciting to watch her figure things out and connect the dots.

Mom and Dad went on their first trip away and Molly stayed with her grandparents. She did great! She also started Mother's Day Out two days a week and its going well. She loves playing with other babies.

Her latest thing is pointing her finger at something and she loves when you point your finger back at her. She also gets a kick out of handing you things. If you ask for something she will give it to you. And she is great at sharing at meal times too - lean down for a bite and she will put some of her food in your mouth. So cute.

She has fully mastered giving kisses, waving bye or hi and clapping. She will give herself kisses in the mirror, she will kiss her dolls (video) and she will kiss anybody who asks for one. She also sneaked up on a little boy in Kindermusik this morning and planted a big one on him. Already boy crazy!

She has also learned to shake her head no. She will connect it with actually meaning no sometimes (like when she is done at meal times) and other times she just laughs and shakes her head.

One of her favorite new activities is climbing onto her chair and then leaping off onto her huge stuffed lamb. She will do it over and over again and thinks its so funny.

And the most recent and most exciting development is her attempt at walking! She has taken up to 5 steps before falling down. I can't believe my lil baby is almost walking.

The months continue to get more and more exciting and we are having such a blast being parents. We are excited for some upcoming holidays, her big first birthday (the planning is in full force) and other activities and love sharing our big moments with her.

Happy 10 Months beautiful girl. We love you always!


(we had some serious issues getting her to sit still for pictures)

Stats: {unofficial}
Weight- 17lbs 5oz
Height- ?
Head- ?

Wearing mostly 9mo and 12mo clothing. Still in size 3 diapers.


Swinging in her tree swing
Jumping on her big lamb
Using her walker

Unloading drawers
Climbing into the dishwasher


Getting Dressed
Being strapped into anything

Taking steps
Mothers Day Out

No official words. Lots of BaBa, Goo-Goo, Mmm and more noises.

Continues to be a great eater! Loves almost everything we give her. She eats 3 main meals and has 1 snack a day.

Have experienced some napping problems and some issues with falling asleep at bedtime. She also started waking up about 30-45 min earlier than usual. Sleeps from about 8pm-7:30am.






(and she is out.)

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