Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Munchkin Meals: Lately

Excited to be back to share our recent exploration with food on this week's Munchkin Meals linkup courtesy of Brittany @ A Healthy Slice of Life

Molly's discovery of new foods continues and she is such a great little eater. She hasn't turned away from anything we have given her and loves when mealtime comes around.

Breakfast is still not terribly exciting. Most days its some YoBaby yogurt, organic mini waffles and a few pieces of banana. Occasionally we do eggs with a little bit of cheese. She loves it all!


A lot of times when lunch rolls around we are out running errands so we will stop into a restaurant and have a lunch date or go meet her Dad for lunch. What is SO nice about Molly eating table food is that we can easily feed her from a restaurant menu and often times she can share with me. Last week we stopped off at Chipotle and shared a burrito bowl with chicken, black beans, tomatoes, cheese, cilantro rice and pico. Yum!


When dinner rolls around we usually lean on our leftovers from the night before to be Molly's dinner. She still eats earlier than we do so this works out really well. On this evening she had rotisserie chicken, green beans, diced up cherry tomatoes and peaches.


For snacks we have been eating a lot of blueberries. Girl LOVES her blueberries!

She almost always finishes the amount we put out for her and sometimes we even have to give her a little more. Its so fun to watch her eat and find new foods she really likes!

Sometimes she even helps me fix her food (I wish).


I hope her love for food and not being picky continues for a long time to come.

Happy Eating.


  1. Hailey loves blueberries, too! And don't you love getting to share food when you're out? It's my favorite. I love how great of an eater Molly is- Too cute!

  2. Sarah @ Our Little Belly Bean8/09/2012 09:25:00 PM

    Where do you get the organic mini waffles?  That's such a great idea!  

    I agree with Brittany- I love sharing food too!  Now if we're at home or out and I'm eating something that he doesn't have he will tug on me and make noises until I give him some.  It's so cute!  I guess he's exploring all the different types of food!

  3. I got the waffles from a store here in Dallas called Sunflower (soon to be Sprouts). They are Earth's Best brand. She loves them!

  4. So fun going on lunch dates and sharing food. She turned out to be such a great eater -- we were skeptical at first but then one day she just went for it.