Thursday, July 19, 2012

Molly: 8 Months

WHAT?! Okay, where is the Pause button. 8 Months, seriously. Wow.

This last month has been so much fun! Molly has become the best playmate and buddy to spend my days with and watching her turn into this little person is an unbelievable feeling. I even find myself missing those newborn days (somebody slap me!).

Our days are filled with exploring, eating real food, little adventures, napping and lots and lots of dancing! Girl loves to dance (in her own way). You can get a full glimpse into our daily life in my Day in the Life post.

Molly is speeding around the house and is getting into everything. She loves to climb, crawl, pull up and side step from one object to another. She has even stood on her own for  few seconds on occasion. Blows my mind. The thought of this tiny little baby walking around our house in the coming months leaves me speechless.

Eating is going really well. In the past month something clicked with her and she has a serious appetite for real food. She is also really vocal in letting you know she wants more. Patience is something we are going to have to work on.

Each day she has 3 meals and a snack. Her total intake usually consists of yogurt and a mini waffle for breakfast, cheese and turkey w/a fruit for lunch, puffs/cheerios/fruit for a snack, and a modified version of our dinner for her dinner plus sweet potatoes and fruit for dessert. We are mostly doing real foods now and helping her eat it but every now and then we do a puree. Getting her to eat off the spoon has become a challenge though, she prefers real food. She is also getting 4 bottles a day (7oz each) and still wakes at night and we give her a tiny 2oz bottle (we are weaning her off that).

Sleep is going pretty well. She has started this separation anxiety thing where she is waking up about 30 minutes after being put down to bed. Sometimes we have to go in and calm her and sometimes she calms herself. Her naps are going great, she takes two naps - generally 10:30am and then 3pm.

We have also been going to Kindermusik classes and she loves spending time with other babies and playing with them. Its so neat to watch her be social.

She makes her Dad and I so proud to be her parents and I don't know what I would do without her. That little smile gets me through every day.

We love you M. Happy 8 Months!


Stats: {no doc appt this month so these are guesses}
Weight- Close to 16lbs 
Height- 26 1/2" {50%}
Head- no idea

Wearing mostly 6mo clothing and some 6-9mo and still in size 2 diapers (she is kind of in-between size 2 and 3).

Drinking out of a straw
Destroying magazines

Sitting still
Putting on clothes (especially her pjs)
Diaper changes






  1. They group up so quickly! Find joy is as much as you can.

  2. They grow-up so quickly! Enjoy as much as you can.