Monday, July 2, 2012

HOT Summer Nights

One of our favorite local things to do is go to the Dallas Arboretum's Concert series. They are somewhat affordable (we sprung for a membership this year), close to the house, entertaining and a great group activity.

So last week we packed up our cooler full of yummy food and cold beers, threw the blankets in the car,  slathered sunscreen on and headed out for some music under the stars.

But before the stars came out we had to sit in the beating. hot. sun. It was brutal! The first 45 minutes of the concert the sun has a direct line to the audience and with temps topping 102 degrees that day we were melting. We were counting down the minutes until the sun fell behind the trees and then darkness would take over. Once it finally did the evening got so much better, yet still nice and toasty.

We met some of our good friends there, spread out our blankets, and unloaded our delicious spread of food. I took croissant sandwiches: chicken salad, turkey and cheese and avocado egg salad (Ashley's recipe). We also took fresh fruit kabobs. Our friends brought pinwheels, fresh guacamole and chips, a variety of cheeses and crackers and some yummy pumpkin spice cookies for dessert. We all stuffed ourselves!

Molly was a trooper yet again even though she was up well past her bedtime and didn't nap well that day. She pretty much just lounged on our friend Alex the entire time!

We all had a really good time as we danced to the music, caught up on each others lives and consumed copious amounts of food.

But at the end of the night, when we were all drenched in sweat and sticky from the combination of sunscreen and bug spray, we decided no more concerts until Fall. We need the temps to be below 100 degrees.



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