Monday, July 30, 2012

Getting Organized

For those of you who know me in "real life" you know I am a bit OCD when it comes to having everything organized and in its place.

I can't go to bed at night if there are dishes in the sink, clothes that need to be put away or toys out on the floor. I even got out of bed late one evening (before baby) to put clothes up in the closet because I couldn't settle down to fall asleep. I know, I am crazy! I mean, I write "make new to-do list" on my current to-do list and put things down after I completed them to get the satisfaction of crossing them out. My behavior drives my husband nuts!

When Molly was born I went through some serious anxiety about the state of my house. I know that it was completely irrational to think my home would stay clutter free and organized with a new baby around but it seriously got to me. Instead of sleeping when the baby sleeps I cleaned and picked up. I needed it, its almost like therapy.

But while the house was clean it was far from organized. With all the new baby stuff taking over we started cramming things everywhere. A couple areas I couldn't even look at because of how stressed out it made me. So a summer goal was to whip this place into shape!

I took advantage of having my Mom in town for over a week and we got to work. I had a long list of areas that needed to be taken care of and we almost crossed them all off! I have been sleeping much better these days.

I identified 14 areas of need in the house and we crossed 12 of those areas off the list! The biggest two were our guest bathroom closet (a complete disaster) and our hall "junk" closet.

Sorry for the crappy iPhone pics, we were in the organizing zone!

The "before" mess...


The "after" all organized...


So clean a baby can fit in there!

My goal is to keep these newly organized places as such (gotta keep the husband in line) and tackle the remaining few areas in the next couple weeks.

Feels so good to have the house back in shape after the new baby chaos!

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