Thursday, June 14, 2012

Molly: 7 Months

I feel like I hit 'publish' on the 6 month post just yesterday (I did post it a week or so late). Time around here is moving at lightning speed! But it sure is getting fun.

In last months post I talked about how there hadn't been a lot of change. Well I guess Molly took that as a challenge because boy did things take off since then!

Our baby girl has made some huge physical strides. She went from sort of crawling to speeding around the house on all fours like she has been doing it for months. And within the week of mastering crawling she just pulled herself up like no big deal.

She spends her days crawling around the house and pulling up on everything. It has made working while she plays a bit of a challenge. If she isn't moving, she isn't happy. She gets this amazing accomplished look on her face when she pulls herself up and then lets go with one hand to balance herself. As soon as she makes eye contact with you after she is up she gets the biggest "look at me Mom" grin on her face. I love it.

We were a little concerned she would never sit up on her own since they are "supposed" to sit first and then crawl. With her interest in pulling to stand all the time we wondered how she would ever learn. Once again she took this as a challenge to her and within the same week span of crawling and pulling up she started sitting up on her own. Seeing your baby sit up and play with a toy is unbelievable. It turns her into this little person. Wow.

Eating solids is going pretty well. We are doing mostly purees because she doesn't quite have the pincher grasp down and gets frustrated. She likes most foods we try but still struggles with the whole "open up" concept. We are eating 2 meals a day right now, one around 12:30 and one around 6pm.

Sleeping is still the same. She had a cold for a week and started waking a lot during the night and wouldn't go back down without a feeding. We are back to once a night now but the time varies dramatically and we are still doing a feed. I know we have to wean her off the overnight feed but it is rough. More on this to come.

Being a parent of a 7 month old has snuck up on us fast. But its just so much fun. She sees everything from a new perspective now and watching her brain process the world is really something.

Happy 7 Months Molly!


Stats: {no doc appt this month so these are guesses}
Weight- Close to 15lbs 
Height- 26" {50%}
Head- no idea

Wearing mostly 6mo clothing and some 6-9mo and still in size 2 diapers.

Crawling around the house
Pulling herself up
Wrestling with her giant lamb
Typing on my keyboard
Playing with Mom and Dads faces

Falling and bumping her head
Being removed from a bad pulling up scenario
Being in the carseat outside of the car (restaurants etc.)




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  1. I just found your blog from a comment on writingchapterthree.  My daughter is turning 6 months on Monday and has been sitting up on her own the last week.  She really does look like a little person now.  The world must be so different to them now.

    I think we have the same crib too haha.  Good luck with everything, I can't wait to read more!!