Monday, May 7, 2012

Our little party animal

Now that Molly is almost 6 months old (this Thursday!) we have started resuming more of our old activities and bringing her along. It has always been important to me to weave my child into my life instead of changing my life completely. There is no reason to give up the things you love after you have a baby and the experiences you share as a family will be fond memories to look back on.

So this week we took Molly along on two of the activities Chase and I love. Outdoor concerts and sporting events.

First up, summer outdoor concerts at the Dallas Arboretum. I have posted about our summer concert experiences in the past as its one of our favorite things to do. And now we are sharing it with Molly.


She had a blast dancing and watching all of the people. It was a sold out concert to see the Spazmatics (an 80s cover band) and we had so much fun. We went with a group of friends and enjoyed delicious picnic style food and wine.



Molly did great and was up until 10:30pm!

The next adventure we embarked on with Molly was a professional basketball game. We live in Dallas and the Mavericks are the city's home NBA team. However, we are from Oklahoma City and are huge OKC Thunder fans. As it turns out the Thunder played the Mavs here in Dallas for the NBA playoffs and we had to go.

We Craigslisted some great seats, packed plenty of milk and toys for Molly, dressed her in her Thunder gear and headed out to cheer our team on.

[funny side story: at the Thunder vs Mavs playoff game we went to last year we announced we were pregnant! This was technically Molly's second NBA game.]



Molly had so much fun watching the giant scoreboard, looking at all the people around us and watching the Mavs drum line. All of the people we were sitting next to had fun playing with her and she smiled and giggled at everyone around us.

We did make one mistake in that we didn't bring anything to plug her ears so when it got really loud we would give her kisses in one ear and cover the other one with our hand. The noise level was a bit much for her at first but she quickly adjusted (I had never realized how loud the games are).

At the end of both of our evenings out as soon as we put her in the car seat she crashed!


Our little party animal.

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