Tuesday, May 29, 2012

On the Move

It finally happened, officially. She's on the move. On May 21st our tiny little baby girl started CRAWLING!

She had been working up to this for about a month or so and she finally put two and two together and took off. At first it was just a few feet and still wobbly and now she is making her way all over the house! Its amazing how even in a days time she gets better and faster.

And of course now she is on to her next feat, climbing and pulling up. Now that she figured out how to crawl she is starting to climb on me and her dad and trying to pull up on small things. What a little monkey! We are definitely going to have our hands full with this one but its so much fun to watch her narrow in on something across the room and then just take off for it.

What better way to celebrate her new milestone than with a video. This was taken on the 22nd or 23rd and she is already better than what the video shows. Enjoy!


 p.s. Yes that was a baby burp. And yes she loves Daddy's shoes.

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