Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the next goal

After the getting the latest 5k under my belt and feeling and finishing a lot better than I thought I would, I am ready to set a new goal.

My first ever 10k.

I have never been a distance runner. I grew up playing basketball, a sprint and stop sport. I have always been fast (ish) and I ran track back in the day but it was always the 100m sprint and nothing longer than that. So, a 10k is a big deal for me.

I was able to squeak by in the 5k last month with absolutely no training. I know this isn't even remotely possible for a 10k so I am giving myself plenty of time to get my body back in shape.

I am setting my sights on the Tour de Fleurs 10k Dallas. The race isn't until September 15 so that gives me plenty of time to train and be ready.

Until then I plan on running a couple more 5ks this summer to stay motivated. I am also finally getting my BOB this weekend. I am really looking forward to running with Molly.

Training starts now!

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