Monday, April 30, 2012

To the Attic

After we returned from our two week stay with family in Oklahoma City I got the organization bug. As I was unpacking Molly's bag full of clothes and starting to put it away I realized how many things no longer fit her. So that spawned a cleaning out of the closet and drawers.

I can't believe she is already old enough that I am packing away clothes. It seems like just yesterday I was putting her in the "going home" outfit at the hospital. Time is really flying and I definitely got a little emotional as I was pulling things off the little baby hangers and tossing them into a pile on the floor.


We also packed away a few other things that she no longer uses. Her swing is now boxed up and stored away along with her Magic Sleep Suit (yep! she is no longer swaddled or suited up to sleep!) and her stroller/car seat newborn pad. Such a big girl.


So off to the attic the full box of stuff went. Until the next child...

which is not anytime soon!

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