Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Molly: 5 Months

Is my little baby really 5 months old. Hard to believe. Time is moving so fast. And so many new things are happening. Our baby girl is learning and experiencing so much and watching her get a feel for the world around her is such a joy.

The first 3 months was rough. Really rough. Molly had colic (which I will dedicate a post to eventually) and cried a lot. Then we had a breakthrough when we switched her formula and slowly but surely she has become the happiest baby. It has made our lives so much more enjoyable. And boy do I feel for any parents that have a colicky baby. Its tough.

But here we are at 5 months old. I honestly never thought we'd get here. But we did and its wonderful.

Teething is still happening but no sign of an actual tooth yet. Her gums are super white and she is chomping down on everything so hopefully one will pop through soon. She is getting SO close to crawling. She practices every chance she gets and we have the camera ready to capture the first real crawl. The legs are moving, its just the arms she is still trying to figure out.

We also attempted solids this past month. It was an interesting experience and we learned we need to wait a lil longer. It was fun to watch the faces she would make but we could tell she isn't quite ready. She was not a fan of my homemade squash puree. I will be making most of her food though and I am excited to make all sorts of fun stuff.

She has definitely found her voice and squeals, laughs and gurgles all the time. And she has two different smiles - one sly crooked smile like her daddy's and then another all out super grin. So cute.

I am so lucky to have such a great baby and am really enjoying being her Mom. Looking forward to what this month will bring.

12 lbs 10oz  (at home weigh in)
No length or head because we don't have a dr visit this month.

She is still pretty petite but really starting to put on some weight quickly! Has finally grown out of all her newborn clothes and some of the 0-3 months stuff. She mainly wears the plain old 3 months outfits. 

Practicing crawling
Playing with the remote
Being outside
Watching people eat

Not being able to figure out crawling
Being in the carseat in restaurants





  1. Cute! And she has awesome head control!

  2. Oh she is adorable! Hailey can't figure out the arms for crawling either :)

  3. Thanks ladies! Yes, she has had really good head control from very early on. And those darn arms...eventually they will get it. : )

  4. So precious! Wyatt also hates being in the car seat at restaurants!

    I'm so glad she's over colic. You give me so much hope. At 4.5 months, Wyatt is still miserable all the time.

  5. Thanks Jen! I know this is so cliche (and I wanted to PUNCH ppl when they told me this) but it is temporary. I didn't believe it until it passed but it does get better and by better I mean amazing! Hang in there.

  6. Awww, I love that she inherited a smile from her dad. That's the kind of shit that'll turn me into a mom one day.