Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Attempting Solids

Solids...what a new and exciting adventure! Or so we thought. In reality it has turned out to be stressful and overwhelming. So much to learn and do and the pressure to do it right.

Our pediatrician gave us the go ahead to start Molly on solids at around 5 months. I have been a little anxious to start her because the prescription formula she drinks is not at all filling so she pretty much eats constantly. And by constantly I mean every 2 hours totaling up to 42oz a day! No, that was not a typo. This kid likes to eat.

After quite a bit of research and reading I think we are going to combine purees and the baby led weaning approach. And based on my husbands insight and knowledge as a chiropractic student we are skipping rice cereal and going straight to veggies.

To make sure our lil one is getting exactly what she needs (and only that) it is my plan to make as much of her food as possible. So for our first attempt I pureed yellow squash. It was surprisingly easy and took no time at all. I can definitely see that I will only need to dedicate about an hour on sundays to make and freeze her food for the week.

At 1 week away from 5 months we decided to give it a shot. She had been showing all the signs to look for: watches us eat and mimics chewing, is unsatisfied with her feedings, can sit supported, etc. The food was made and ready and it was time to give solids a first attempt.

And this is how it went...





And it ended with spitting up everything. Not exactly the fun first experience at solids that I was imagining. We took it as a sign that she isn't quite ready. Our plan is to try again closer to 6 months. She continues to keep showing all the signs (even pulling my taco basket on my lap at lunch the other day!) so we are confident that in a few more weeks she will be ready to go.

In the interim I am continuing to research and read about what others are doing to become as educated and equipped as possible.

And yes, we fed her in her bouncy chair on the kitchen floor. I am having serious problems deciding on a high chair.

Solids part 2 in a few weeks, stay tuned.

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