Monday, March 19, 2012

Simple Saturday

On Saturday we took advantage of the beautiful Spring weather and took Molly on her first trip to the Dallas Arboretum. And we got some other unexpected firsts as well.

It was so insanely crowded (two spring breaks colliding plus a beautiful Sat = chaos!) that we had to park a mile away and take a bus shuttle back to the Arboretum. Just as we were pulling into the parking lot Molly started to melt down. Screaming at some insane levels. Yikes! This was going to be fun. For a moment we contemplated throwing in the towel and heading back home because a screaming baby in a sea of crowded people isn't too fun -- but we thought what the hell. We hopped on the big shuttle bus and Molly instantly calmed down while she took in her new surroundings. Wide eyed and mystified at the people, noises and motion of the bus. By the time we got to the Arboretum and strapped her in her stroller she was a pure gem.

We can't wait to take advantage of our membership all spring and summer long. I see lots of picnics in the lush green grass in our future.

And oh yea, it was St. Patrick's Day too.

Molly's name is inspired by our rich Irish heritage so this was a special day for her -- our little Irish lass.


  1. Enjoyed the day with my 2 favorite girls!

  2. What a gorgeous little girl you have there! x