Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Off the Couch

Okay so I am not literally sitting around on the couch all day -- I am working and taking care of a 4 month old and trying to keep the house in decent shape. That is a full day so when do I find time to run?

Well I am still figuring that out but I better do it fast because I have a 5k in 3 weeks. Yep, 3 WEEKS! The Redbud Classic is on the calendar for April 15th. Uh oh. I haven't ran more than 5 feet since I was 6 months pregnant and I only have a mere 3 weeks to get myself in shape enough to run 3.2 miles.

Redbud run 2008

I am leaning on my natural athletic ability to allow me to bounce back into decent shape fast. Although it should be noted I don't really consider myself a runner.

So what's the plan? Now that spring weather is here and its warmer outside I have to got to hit the pavement. I still don't have a jogger so Chase will have to be on baby duty while I get in a run here and there. My goal is to run 3 times a week and to go the entire distance of 3.1 miles. For awhile there will be a lot of walking involved (and who am I kidding, I will probably have to walk part of the 5k) but I will get there eventually.

So its time to lace up those shoes and get this lady back in shape!

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