Monday, March 12, 2012

Molly: 4 Months

Growing up so fast. Molly is now officially 4 months old. And boy has she turned up the personality this past month (in good ways and not so good ways).

One of the biggest things that happened this past month is a change in her formula. We discovered that Molly has a milk allergy so we switched to a specialized formula and we saw a huge improvement. She became an all around much happier baby. 

A new adventure that we "think" has begun is teething. She is representing some of the tried and true signs (tons of drool, gnawing on anything she can get in her mouth, crankiness, trouble sleeping). This is not a super exciting "first" since she is in pain and not a happy camper. A tooth could sprout next week or we go at this for months before it actually breaks through. Time will tell.

She had several other "firsts" this past month. She continues to roll over tummy to back but now she has mastered back to tummy. She pretty much barrel rolls all over the house! She has also figured out how to scoot. She will get on her stomach, push up with her arms and then push with her legs to scoot her body forward. I think she might be an early crawler! We are also getting tons and tons of smiles and some pretty adorable laughs, some hitting some pretty high notes.

She continues to grow and learn everyday and its so much fun to watch her take in the world around her. She is an unpredictable little thing and is always throwing us for a loop. Its exhausting keeping up with her but so rewarding at the same time. 

Happy 4 Months Molly!

10 lbs 9oz (5th percentile)
23 1/2 inches (25th percentile)
15 1/2 head (10th percentile)

She is petite! Still wearing some newborn clothes (yikes!) and 0-3 months. 

Rolling over
Scooting across the room
Walks in her stoller
Playing "boom-boom"

Getting "stuck" trying to roll
Not being able to get a toy in her mouth
Napping! (ugh)
The hiccups

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  1. OMG...that is the cutest picture. Of course, I think she is the cutest baby, too! Happy 4 months Molly! xoxoxoxo