Monday, March 26, 2012

The Dreaded Sleep Regression

Our sleeping situation has had a lot of twists and turns along the way...and we have hit a new twist the last month.

Before baby M arrived we decided we were going to put her in the crib from day one. Well for some reason as soon as we laid eyes on her we changed our minds. Having her across the hall, in her room, all alone just wasn't going to do. But we didn't want to purchase a big bassinet and we couldn't fit a pack in play in our room so we opted to co-sleep with an in-bed bassinet. Well let me tell you, a mini bassinet in a queen size bed does not leave much room to get comfortable. We stuck with it though for about 5 or 6 weeks before deciding we had to do something different.

Turn #1. We moved the swing into our bedroom and she slept in the swing, all swaddled up. She was sleeping really well and we now had room to actually, I don't know - roll over. But she was still in our room which meant that we had to tip toe around to do things like brush our teeth.

Here came another twist. Let's move her to her room. We didn't want to put her through too many changes at once so we just moved the swing into her room and she continued to sleep in it. Ahh, we can walk from the bed to the bathroom in peace and brush our teeth with the bathroom light on. Freedom!

At around 3 months we made the decision to try to transition her to her crib. And we just went for it, cold turkey. No naps first or playtime in the crib...we went through our normal bedtime routine and then put her down in the crib. She slept...with no problems!

And through all of this, from around 3 weeks old, she was "sleeping through the night" -- which at first meant 5 straight hours and then slowly worked its way up to 11 hours! Yep, you heard me right. Wow, how lucky are we?

Then came the latest turn, one we had read about and hoped wouldn't happen to us. Please, no. We had been spoiled and were enjoying it. But regardless of our pleading it happened. The 4 month sleep regression. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, with no warning a 2 am wake up! Its okay, its only a one time thing, right? She will get back to normal tomorrow. Then another wake up the next night, this time at 3am. And so it began. And now here we are, our amazing little sleeper has hit a wall. A 2am wall.

Here is to hoping its a short lived phase. In the meantime, watch for my tweets in the middle of the night.


  1. Aw man. We all go through it, so know you're not alone. You'll figure out how to move past it.

    I decided on a time before which I would not go into his room, and I slowly moved that later and later. Now I don't go in before 4:30 AM (he still eats once during his sleep time so I'm comfortable with that- most days it's been 5:30 am though).

    Anyway, aside from this weekend's horrible mess that has been working. Now we have new things to contend with like being on all fours and pooping through multiple layers of clothing. FUN TIMES! :)

  2. Oof! The pooping through multiple layers does not sound fun! Something to look forward to. ha!

  3. Just know it DOES get better! I promise :) Emmie went thru an awful sleep regression ... Now at almost 6 months she is back to about 10 hours continuously. So know there is hope :) Until then, that's what #zombiemoms is for ;)

  4. Ugh- my sympathies- I hope things get better for you soon- it's sooooo hard when things have been going awesome and then they turn on a dime...good luck!!!

  5. You just described my situation word for word everything you did I did and I am dealing with the regression now as well! Glad I am not alone! I just need my 8 hours of sleep back! Haha :)

  6. Those precious 8 hours of sleep! One day!