Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Day in the Life

Now that I have been a Mom for a little over 4 months I thought I would share what my day looks like. We don't have a set schedule, I just go with what Molly is feeling that day, so this is not the exact same everyday but you'll get the idea. I also work from home so this is a non-working day.

7:45/8am- I hear Molly starting to wake up in her crib and get out of bed to rush around doing a few things before she is fully up. Things include letting the dog out and feeding her, getting Molly's bottle going, making coffe, brushing my teeth and throwing on some pants. (on ocassion I get up early before Molly to grab a shower-otherwise I will shower after she is up)

8:15am- "Good morning Sunshine!" Molly is up. I unwrap her from her swaddle and let her stretch and look around. She smiles at me, love it. We then change her diaper, take her Zantac, and put on her outfit for the day. After she is all set I feed her.

8:45-10am- Playtime. In the morning she is the happiest and can play on her own for the longest amount of time. She lays on her blanket in the living room and rolls around, plays with toys, coos etc. I usually sit on the floor with her and sip my coffee while Good morning America and Live with Kelly is on in the background. (If I didn't get up early and shower I do it now while Molly sits in her bouncy in the bathroom)

10:15am- Naptime! She usually takes a morning nap of around 45 min. While she sleeps I buzz about the house doing laundry, emptying the dishwasher, giving the dog some attention, taking a deep breath and maybe stuffing some food down.

11am- She is up! I hear her fussing and know that the nap is over. And she is hungry and not happy about it. I get her bottle going, go get her and change her diaper. Then I feed her again while sitting at my computer.

11:30-1:30pm- Errands. If I have errands to run or just want to get out of the house this is generally the time I do that. Molly usually stays up for the first half of the errand running and then crashes in the car seat (unless the car comes to a complete stop -- then she cries).

2pm- Time to eat again. Man this kid is always hungry! Again, I fix her bottle, change her diaper and then feed her.

2:15-3:30- Afternoon playtime. We walk around the house and look at things, play on her activity mat, walk around the backyard, etc. etc. Molly likes to be entertained most of the time and gets bored quickly so we are always switching up activities.


3:30-5ishpm- Afternoon nap! This one lasts 2 hours if I am lucky but most of the time 1 1/2 hours. I check email, Facebook, Twitter for a bit. Then I again tend to any laundry, vacuum, watch a little something on the DVR, read a magazine. Just try to relax a bit.

5pm- I hear the rumblings of Molly awakening once again. I go and get her up, change her diaper and then yes, feed her again. Chase usually arrives home around this time and she is excited to see her Daddy.

5:30pm- Walk. We strap Molly into her stroller, grab the dog and head out. Molly takes in the sights for the first half of the walk and then usually nods off for the remainder. I tell Chase all about our day and we talk while we walk.

6:15pm- Back home. And time to eat again.

6:30-7:30pm- Evening playtime. She is starting to get her evening fussies at this point so it generally involves us walking around with her and just overall being extremely engaged.

7:30- Bath time! At this point we only give Molly a bath every other day or so. Our doctor recommends not bathing her everyday because it will irritate and dry out her skin and she really isn't dirty. Molly enjoys her baths and starts to calm down for the night.

7:45- Bed time ritual begins. We put on her PJs, give her a little baby massage, take her Zantac and read a bedtime book. Then we feed, swaddle, rock/bounce, and put her down to bed. Generally this is a pretty easy task getting her to sleep but occasionally its a battle.

8:15-10pm- Non-baby time! Chase and I eat dinner, watch some of our shows, have adult conversation and so on. From time to time we have friends over for a drink on the back porch.

10:30ish- Bedtime for us. We try to get to bed at a reasonable hour but its hard when there is so much you can be doing when the baby is asleep. But eventually we give in, turn off the lights and fall asleep.

Between 3am-4am- Molly is up and hungry! This just started happening about a week ago and its not fun. We had a great all night sleeper and then BAM -- no more. Chase gets up and makes her bottle while I go in and console her until its ready. I feed her, in darkness and silence and then put her back down as fast as possible. Generally 35 min or so. Then its back to bed for us.

7:45/8am- Another day is here and we do it all over again!

(*note: As I type this we are having an off day and it looks nothing like what I just wrote. ha!)

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  1. What a fun post! Molly is adorable! When you write it all down, it's amazing how much takes place in a day with a baby! Us mothers should feel pretty accomplished! :)