Monday, February 6, 2012

Newborn Photos

I was not 100% sure I wanted to fork over the money to have newborn photos taken but my Facebook wall kept filling up with all these super cute pictures of my friends babies from their newborn photo sessions. All that cuteness finally won me over and I decided we needed to do it. That was when I was about 8 1/2 months pregnant. That was before I met Molly.

So fast forward a month or so ahead and Molly is here. And super cute. But not really a typical sleep like a log you can move me and do whatever and I will not wake up. But we thought we would try it anyways.

The photographer came to our house to do the shoot which was nice. And he was great. His wife had a baby just days before Molly so he was extremely understanding. Understanding of what you might ask? The screaming, inconsolable, pooping and peeing everywhere non sleeping baby.

We fed her, we rocked her, we got her to sleep, then we laid her down and wide-eyed she became! We went through this routine for 3 hours why we tried to get some good shots. And she pooped on every single blanket we had in the house! It is pretty comical as we look back on it now but in the moment it was very stressful. I just wanted some really cute shots of our new baby. And in the end we got some great ones...

2011-11-27 at 15-23-35
2011-11-27 at 16-11-00

2011-11-27 at 16-50-10

2011-11-27 at 17-06-06

2011-11-27 at 16-13-02

2011-11-27 at 17-15-51
I loved this hat and wanted some cute ones with it but she HATED it.

No true "sleeping baby" shots but that wouldn't be a good representation of our Molly. She is a feisty one that loves to look at the world around her and I think we captured that.

Big shout out to Good Afternoon Photography and Steve...he was great and we look forward to doing another session as she gets a little older.

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  1. Hallie- I have to tell you that i love reading your blogs. I have a son that turns one on wed. But when he was a newborn he NEVER slept either. I can remember thinking it would happen and it just never did. I used to get SO upset when i would see moms post about their babies sleeing 14 hours, i would have been ok with 4. He did eventually sleep through the night (it's still not 14 hours) he just did it on Cohen time! Keep up the good work! Your baby girl is precious!

    Stacy Simmons Heskett