Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Manny

Yes, that is right. I said "Manny." I have a male nanny (manny) of sorts. My dad.

Since I work from home I have the privilege of not having to pay for daycare...which is insanely expensive by the way! But, to be honest, I didn't really think through how hard it was going to be to work from home with a newborn. And it turns out Molly is a bit, shall we say, high needs (though what baby isn't?). So, in short, I needed some help so I could actually get work done.

Enter my manny. My dad volunteered himself to come to town every Monday and Tuesday to watch Molly while I closed myself in the home office and got down to business. And I can't be more thankful!

Plus he loves getting to spend that time with his new (and first) granddaughter so its a win-win.

How we would have survived without all the help we have received from our amazing friends and family...well let's just say I would be a complete and total wreck who hadn't showered in months and had lost all control.

We are so lucky.

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  1. You're lucky and I'm jealous! Wish I could spend 2 days a week with my granddaughter! But so glad dad is able to help out.