Monday, February 13, 2012

Molly: Three Months

Its official, Molly is no longer a newborn. She is now an infant. Getting to be such a big girl (not literally, she is still so tiny!).

Time continues to move faster and faster and our little girl is changing everyday. It seems like she is doing something new and different all the time. Her little brain is working so hard!

We had some big firsts recently. The biggest is that she started sleeping in her crib! I am going to post more about sleeping arrangements soon but this was a big milestone and she is doing great with it. She also found her thumb and loves it. This has been a blessing for us as well since she wasn't good with the pacifier. She can now quickly soothe herself by sticking her thumb (or sometimes her entire hand) in her mouth. She continues to recognize us and her face lights up when we make eye contact with her. She also rolled over from her stomach to her back which was so fun to watch. I managed to catch it on video and will share that soon.

Each day is a new and exciting adventure with its own set of ups and downs but we are having so much fun! Can't wait to see what the next month brings as our baby girl discovers more and more about the world around her.

Stats: 10 lbs
No length or head since we don't have a doctor visit at 3 months

Sucking her thumb
Holding on to her lovie
Sitting up in your lap
Dance parties

Getting her nose sucked out (Nosefrida)
Wiping her face off
Taking the bottle away to burp
Unfortunately the car seat still : (

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