Wednesday, February 29, 2012

just nap already!

Unfortunately Molly has not been a baby that has taken to any type of schedule. She has her own way of doing things and it changes almost daily. The only two things that really stick are bedtime at 8:15/8:30 and wake up around 7:45/8. Everything in between is up for interpretation.

So when a couple of weeks ago we started getting a semi nap schedule going I was pumped! She would take a morning nap that lasted about 1-1.5, a long afternoon nap lasting anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 hrs (around 3 usually) and a short evening catnap lasting about 30 minutes. They didn't always happen at the exact same time but in general her morning nap was at 9:30, afternoon nap at 2 and evening catnap at 7.

Since she was getting good naps in she was a happy baby for most of the awake time (especially after we figured out she has a milk allergy and switched her formula - more on that later). And she was easy to put down, as soon as she started displaying sleepy cues - rubbing eyes, yawning etc. - you could put her on her tummy and pat her back a few times and bam! out. It was wonderful.

Well times they are a changing. For the past two days she refuses to nap! If she just wanted to stay up and play that is one thing but she doesn't. She is tired but won't go to sleep and that equals a very cranky baby. What is the deal...just nap already!

I have a few theories as to what is going on:

1. Teething. I really think she has started to teeth and its bothering her. She is drooling a tremendous amount and is constantly putting things in her mouth and gnawing on them. I know it seems really early but the more Moms I talk to the more say it was around 4 months when it started.

2. Rolling over. Now that she has mastered rolling over when you put her on her tummy she will stick her but up in the air and then push herself over onto her back. And she absolutely will not nap on her back.

3. Growth spurt- For the past few days she has seemed to want to eat all the time. Hopefully it means she is growing because she is still so tiny!

Let's just hope its a phase that will only last a few more days. I want my excellent napper back!

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