Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Dad and his Little Girl

I realized I needed to take a minute and write a post about my husband and his new role as a Dad. Our role as parents came as a bit of a surprise and we were still newlyweds when I got pregnant so it took us both some time to adjust to the idea. But once Chase wrapped his head around it (which was before I did btw) he has been an amazing husband and father.

From the first days of our relationship I knew Chase would be a great dad. He is fun loving, caring and giving...all traits that make for a perfect father. Whenever he would hold a baby I got all fuzzy inside and when I found out we were expecting I couldn't wait to see him wrap his arms around our baby.

For 9 months he stood by my side, told me I looked beautiful, rubbed my feet, took care of my every need when I got really sick for a couple weeks and supported me at every turn of my pregnancy. He talked to Molly when we laid in bed in the evenings and got excited when he could feel her kick. He told me I was doing great and I could do it during labor when I was moaning so loud the neighbors down the street could hear. And he didn't even flinch when I puked all over the driveway in-between contractions.

And then I saw him. I saw him hold our little girl for the first time. And my heart melted.

He continues to be my rock day in and day out. He has been able to stay calm and patient when I lose it. And he has been cooking dinner! But most of all he has been falling in love with Molly and she with him.

There is nothing more special than a Daddy and his little girl.


  1. This brought a tear to my eye. So sweet.

  2. I agree! Daddies and daughters are precious. Lovely post!