Friday, February 3, 2012

12 Weeks...already

I can hardly believe it but its been 12 Weeks since baby Molly came into this world. Wow. I know I have said this before but time feels like its moving so slow but so fast at the same time. Strange.

For the 12 Weeks post I thought I would just share a little bit about what Molly is up to these days. It seems as though everyday she is doing something different and changing her likes and dislikes. Those crazy babies!

We are enjoying our days together for the most part and doing our best to get through the hard ones. Her personality is really starting to come out and her smiles are breathtaking.

Recently she has started to really get a kick out of watching us eat. She will just stare at you bringing the food to your mouth and then when you start chewing she gets all smiley and giggly. Its hilarious. It also helps us actually be able to eat without a crying baby in the background which is nice.

She constantly tries to sit up so we have been propping her up in the boppy pillow which she really likes. She is SO good at holding her head up. She likes the bumpo chair but its still a bit unstable for her so she only sits in it for a few minutes with us helping.

TV. She loves it. She will sit and stare at the TV for hours. Chase thinks we are already starting a bad habit but I know she just sees the all the colors and movement. Its fine. She really enjoyed part of the movie Marmaduke yesterday.

Naps are still a challenge. She gets overtired so fast so catching that magical window where she is tired and ready for sleep but not overtired is almost impossible. In the mornings she either takes a power nap in my arms or a tummy nap on the floor in the living room. In the afternoons we try to swaddle her up and put her in her swing for a 2-3 hour nap. She has had some trouble going down the past couple of days, hopefully just a short lived thing.

She is still a tiny baby. She did hit double digits weighing in at 10lbs even on Wednesday but she is very lean and mean. Still wearing newborn clothes for the most part, most of the 0-3 stuff is still too big. We did switch her to size 1 diapers but they are a tad big, apparently she is in-between sizes.

All in all she is perfect. Absolutely adorable in every way (except for maybe when she is screaming).

As for me? I am doing pretty good. I have good days and bad days. The adjustment to my new life is still taking some time for me to settle into. So much is different. There are definitely moments when I miss my pre baby life and wish Chase and I had the same freedom we had before. But there are always trade-offs and I love my little Molly so much. Being a Mom is hard work but I am doing my very best to embrace it.

What is that I hear...yep, its Molly waking up. Gotta go!

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